Arusha - Tanzania





Historical Archaeological

DESTINATION Historical Archaeological Amboni Cave Amboni guided tour starts from Tanga City centre through various historical buildings then to kiomoni village, other activities near to Kiomoni village include aggregate preparation, local brew, and lime making, caves is located 8kms from Tanga city on Mombasa road. …

Mkomanzi National Park

DESTINATION Mkomanzi National Park The Mkomazi National Park is a magnificent, 3,500 square kilometer national park in northern Tanzania. Remote and initially inaccessible, it was established in 1951, but never attracted the financial support provided for the better known wildlife strongholds such as the Ngorongoro …

Kitulo National Park

DESTINATION Kitulo National Park Perched at around 2600 meters above sea level between the rugged peaks of the Kipengere, Poroto and Livingstone mountains, the well-watered volcanic soils of Kitulo support the largest and most important montane grassland community in Tanzania. Referred by locals as The …

Saadani National Park

DESTINATION Saadani National Park Saadani National Park is one of the newest national parks in Tanzania and relatively small compared to other parks. Saadani National Park is located attractively on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Elephants and other wild animals roam the beaches, which …

Mahale National Park

DESTINATION Mahale National Park The park like its northerly neighbor Gombe is home to some of the Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees, a population of roughly 900, they are habituated to human visitors by a Japanese research project founded in the 1960s.Tracking the chimps of …

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