Arusha - Tanzania





This is one of the new parks established in 2019, it is found in Kagera region Kyerwa district. It is in this park where the three countries of Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda boarders’ meet. The park is rich in wildlife attractions and sunrise and sunset are easily seen. Kagera river is the main source of water for this park and nourishes its rich resources. Leopard, Hippos, Roan antelopes, Buffalo and many more are found in this park

The Park is located in the northwest of Tanzania where it borders Rwanda to the west and shares a short boundary with Akagera National Park. The actual Park boundary is the Kagera River. To the north, the Park shares a boundary with Uganda where again the actual boundary is the Kagera River.

Open Acacia savannahs, with some of the medium grass, are characteristic of this remote and beautiful corner of Tanzania, a line of rolling hills and valleys to the west and south border a central basin with low hills and plains dissected by seasonal rivers and with scattered lakes and swamps.


Wildlife at Kibanda-Kyerwa

Wildlife Plains game, in particular, topi, eland, impala, waterbuck, reedbuck, and bushbuck are everywhere. Roan, that large and dramatic antelope is present in large herds. Herds of buffalo are also common. There is currently no lion in Ibanda, and so the main large predators are leopard and hyena. Hippos and crocodiles abound in the Kagera River and in some of the lakes and swamps.

The Kagera River is bordered on the Tanzanian side by grassy banks leading down to heavy vegetation with forest trees and palms, and there are places with beautiful overlooks of the river where one can relax with a picnic or take a tea break during a game drive.

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