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Zanzibar and Pemba Island and also some other little islands dotted around, including a few absolutely stunning private ones. The islands worth mentioning in the archipelago apart from Zanzibar itself are definitely Pemba Island and the few private Islands The Islands surrounding Zanzibar generally offer a more secluded and remote beach experience, away from the attraction of the main island. Some of these are only accessible at certain times of the day according to tide levels, and the smaller sandbanks and spits are excellent for sailing excursions and picnics.

Pemba Island is really off the beaten track and offers a really wild, untouched island experience that you don’t get on Zanzibar. The accommodation options are not as vast as on Zanzibar, but there a few different shades of luxury which fit into most traveler’s preferences in the three lodges we like to recommend. So if you are seeking a really different Indian Ocean experience, there should be nothing stopping you looking at Pemba. We would recommend if you are keen on white sand beaches though that you look at combining it with Zanzibar Island too as Pemba’s beaches admittedly pale in comparison



Jozani forest is the forest for red colobus monkeys and visit the floating mangrove bridge. Jozani has an excellent nature trail and the guides are well trained and informative. A walk through this impressive flora and fauna is one of the highlights Zanzibar has to offer.

This is also a day to relax on the beach, get swimming on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean or just relax beside the hotel swimming pool reading your text books. By your own you can also take this time to visit villages, explore some more interesting sites across the island, get yourselves involved in water-sports activities such as diving, snorkeling, safari blue, kayaking, windsurfing, game fishing, yacht safari, dhow cruise, to name but a few.


The island offers a stunning view of the Town especially during the night; there is very beautiful minor sandy beach where swimming on the crystal waters is marvelous. The coral reefs surrounding the island provide an opportunity of snorkeling. This is also a home of the giant tortoise, which is now under strict conservation. A short-guided tour around the island will provide the real picture

Prison Island Tour


This two or three hours tour begins with a visit to Zanzibar’s colorful market, alive with the buzz of locals bartering fresh vegetables and baskets of tropical fruit, amongst the heady aroma of herbs and spices, we continue onto the site of a cathedral built in 1874 then to the Zanzibar Museum, Tippu Tip’s House, the former British Club, the Old Fort and the recently renovated Indian Dispensary. Your tour ends with a stroll through the narrow streets of Stone Town.


Kizimkazi is the fishing village for a dolphin tour, after arriving we take a motorized boat and start searching for dolphins. If we are lucky we can use about 5 to 10 minutes cruising on search of dolphins. For those who are lucky they can even get to play with them for couple of hours. After swimming with them we go to shallow water for snorkeling before getting back to the beach for taking shower, have lunch and a bit of beach leisure.
town stone


Tipping in Tanzania should always depend on the quality of services received, and it’s your choice as the client to tip. Tipping to those who work in tourism industry can be one of the sources of their income; there is fine balance between tipping enough and too much. We recommend tipping our guides or driver USD 30/40 per day per vehicle.

Road conditions and speed limits

Distances in Tanzania are vast. Speed limits are 80km/h on all main tarmac roads, 50km/h in towns or villages and 30km/h in the closeness to schools. Within National Parks or Conservation Areas a speed of 30-40km/h is mostly advised.

 Local Time

Tanzania is in the East African Time Zone, which is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).


  • Passport 
  • Flight tickets
  • Tanzania Visa: now you can apply for an Online Visa to visit the United Republic of Tanzania, you will required to fill in the online form, make payment, and submit your application online once you finish your form will be reviewed and processed. https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/


There are two factors to consider when choosing a time to visit Tanzania – the wildlife and the crowds.

  • For the best wildlife viewing, visit Tanzania during the months of December through February, and July through September.
  • To avoid the crowds, visit in March, April, May, November or early December.
  • For those sensitive to heat, we recommend going on safari from May through August, which are the coolest months.
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